♥♫.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸♫♥ Invitation: Summer Tribe


Only a bell and a bird break the stillness …
It seems that the two talk with the setting sun
Golden colored silence, the afternoon is made of crystals
A roving purity sways the cold trees
and beyond all that
a transparent river dreams that trampling over pearls
it breaks loose
and flows into infinity
>Juan Ramón Jiménez

Hello dear ones

So now it is finally out…
…this invitation to the >Summer Tribe
It has something for everyone – for the short-timers, because it already starts on Sunday next week, and for the longer-term planners, because it goes into September.

This summer, we want to make our longing for an authentic and deep community life a theme, and so we have created a space for the Summer Tribe.

Link to the Video

We invite you – very much also with children – to spend the summer together with us on MonteBasso and you decide which of the 9 weeks you want to experience and co-create in a way that suits you. There are some weeks with a little more concentration on certain community-relevant topics and weeks where we are completely open to the free offers of all participants. You are welcome to use the whole thing as an experiment in a temporary community, where you can also bring in your topics, questions and energies. Of course it should also serve – after these crazy months behind us – for closer contact, relaxation, recreation and creative desire. In the end, it is up to all of us how intensive or relaxed we make our Summer Tribe.

As always, there are no commercial interests behind our events. However, we contribute together to cover the certainly reasonable costs.

Link to the invitation with the details

We are looking forward to this unique summer experience with you…

Best regards

Theodor and Séraphine with Luneo, Alessandro, Uli, Andrea
Phone Theodor: +41 76 244 94 99

Feel free to pass along or share the invitation


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